LED backlights 8Volts for Marantz and many others example, Tuners and Amplifiers.

New and hand made by Retro-Audio. See the marantz 2225 blue face. Now this is what they wanted in the 1970's but now we can!

Most Marantz recievers using 7 fuse lights + 2 single small light bulbs, one for Stereo and one for the tunning pin. Our color LED's are Daylight White, and not the cheap chinese white leds, cause they are purple/white. For the tunning pin we sell Warm white LED's and the same freq colour as a light bulb. If you like it's colour to stay original but with led's? Than tell us before ordering. All led's are ready to setup, so short pins and pre solderd.  The resistor is brown/orange/brown. and for single led's the same.

A complete LED setup cost 50,- euro's. Why? There is no place in the world who sell them just in parts. The model is also not standard, other leds have no the same effect.

And is it worth it? Yes it is. many have build it after me and are extremly happy with the results. Other than that is stay's cold, so that the light casing does no longer deteriorate.

Order most be send by Email. Shipping all over the world.