The Exodus  based on the 27 Tube. Tested are the Arcturus, Philco, and Majestic. The Philco's and Majestic respond to m.f. and so I found a solution. It took me some time of experimenting with chielding the tube from top to bottum but that does not look very good. Just chield the base with a metal base and make sure it is in contact with the chassis or ground ( Zero ).

The inside picture was made during the built. It has changed many times since then. Most of all the wires are shielded and grounded; I hate antenna's. I know there are better idea's to get it built more clean, but  we do learn every day right!. The end results are marvels. There is an unknown Mid/High sound in voices that my speakers never gave to me before. Like... there is plenty of time and space surrounding my speakers. Call it what you like, but transsssistors are not my cup of tea anymore. The Majectic tube is by far the best option.

The setup: 2x 27 2x DGC1/250  and one 0D3 for fixed 150V. A=134v, K= 8,7v Thanks to



 The Philips AZ1 Mesh Tube. See this tube socket here And then start looking at my AZ1 again. This socket is made from a kind of china porcelain and is heavy.

Yes, a 300BXS was internal defect. Nothing else to do than to use his feet again. Btw, its not very easy to do. You have to extend the wires internaly. Do not solder very long on the UX4 because the tin migh melt the extented wires internaly, and you have to do it all over again.

It works very well, specialy when you think that the old tin was arround 80 years old.

Do you have some old tubes? Remove the old tin, and replace it with new. Some problems might be solved :)




china porcelain